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Artist related news

lighthouse family tabs - Lewis, Matthew Earl
April 7, 2015 Visalia Matthew Earl Lewis was born on September 5, 2001 and returned to Our Heavenly Father on April 7, 2015, at the age of 13. Matthew entered our world in Irvine, California and later moved with his parents to Visalia, California. Matthew was a 7th grade student at Central Valley Christian Schools and an active youth at GateWay Church of Visalia.

lighthouse family tabs - They get to be kids' - Retreat brings families together
"You see all these kids? Point to which ones have cancer," she says. "You don't know, and they don't look at each other like that this week.

smash mouth tabs - He's a believer
Prodigal Jerusalem son Sean Hurwitz returns from touring with Smash Mouth to support Sobar - a new musical endeavor for at-risk teens. Back in the 1990s, Shachar Hurwitz was one of those downtown Jerusalem kids hanging out near Zion Square that pedestrians used to cross the street to avoid mohawk haircut, multiple face piercings, boisterous.

smash mouth tabs - Fans tell us game they'd like to attend
After the NFL schedule was released Tuesday, we asked fans on Twitter to select the one Bears game they'd most like to attend this season. We asked Bears fans to pick the one game they'd most like to attend this season and here's how some of them replied: @ChicagoBears @ Tampa cause I'm a native Bay Area BEARS fan & would love to see Da Bears crush the Bucs here in my hometown once again! @ChicagoBears Thanksgiving day.

creed tabs - The Good Listener: Why Do People Hate Nickelback So Much?
We get a lot of mail at NPR Music, and alongside flyers that assume we have the means to acquire luxury items is a slew of smart questions about how music fits into our lives. This week: thoughts on the intensity of online backlash.