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Artist related news

zombies tabs - Shout Factory brings Zombie Fight Club to Blu-ray and DVD
The zombie craze shows no signs of slowing down with all-new films hitting theaters and shelves every week. Sadly more often than not they are pretty bad, but every so often you get one that manages to bring something new to the genre.

zombies tabs - Dying Light: The Following: The Kotaku Review
I am pleased to report that in Dying Light: The Following , you can still dropkick a zombie off a cliff and into the sea. You also get to drive a car.

strawbs tabs - Folk the winter blues away
Congratulations, you're now registered! Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we'll send them straight to your inbox. It's happening at the North Euston Hotel and will see two concerts hosting 12 acts and a session during the interval for guests to play their own instruments and to sing.

janis ian tabs - Janis Ian In Copyright Battle Over Live Albums
Folk musician Janis Ian is embroiled in a copyright battle with bosses at a record company over a selection of live recordings. The At Seventeen singer/songwriter made a number of recordings at the now defunct New York City nightclub Bottom Line between 1980 and 1991, which executives at The Bottom Line Record Company claim they own the copyright to.

janis ian tabs - Seattle Women's Chorus goes back to CAMP at Cornish Playhouse Dos...
Seattle Women's Chorus goes back to CAMP at Cornish Playhouse Dos Fallopia joins the women for four Seattle performances: February 26-28 Seattle Women's Chorus takes audiences on a hilarious romp back in time to the trials and trails of summer camp adventures. CAMP presents a collection of songs certain to stir up memories of bonfires, new friendships and that first taste of freedom.