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Artist related news

little river band tabs - Little River Band plans performance to help Lebanon's Brooks House expand
The Brooks House hopes to move into its new addition before Christmas. To help pay for that addition, it is hosting a benefit concert Dec. 7. The Brooks House hopes to move into its new addition before Christmas.

little river band tabs - Little River Band coming to Muncie
Meridian Health Services is bringing Little River Band - a 1970s soft rock group that produced 13 Top 40 hits - to Muncie for Rialzo VI. Rialzo, Italian for "to elevate or rise above," is Meridian's annual black-tie charity gala to raise funds, hope and the organization's profile.

little river band tabs - Tribal Police agreement suspended
The sheriff in Manistee County has suspended a law enforcement agreement with the local tribal police department.

elvis costello tabs - Jane Turner returns to stage in Rupert
There was more than one Margaret Thatcher, says actor, writer and comic Jane Turner as she prepares to play the former British prime minister on stage in Sydney. "There was coquettish Margaret, and parliamentarian Margaret," says Turner.

elvis costello tabs - American actress Kim Cattrall returns to her birthplace Liverpool...
Scouse in the city: American actress Kim Cattrall returns to her birthplace Liverpool to collect an Icon award in a plunging dress She's always spoken with pride about her Liverpool roots so it's no wonder Kim Cattrall flew thousands of miles to visit her birthplace to collect an award in person. On Saturday, the Sex And The City star was bestowed with the International Arts Icon award at the inaugural Collective Honours held in the former cultural capital of Europe.