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Artist related news

acdc tabs - ACDC make Perth stadium their rock domain
From Kelmscott to Karrinyup and onto Clarkson, the people of Perth are hyper-aware whenever legendary rock group ACDC comes to town. Rounding out a stellar run of top-shelf acts in Perth throughout 2015, ACDC's latest extravaganza, part of its Rock or Bust World Tour, fired on all cylinders on Friday night.

acdc tabs - If it ain't broke, don't fix it
If it ain't broke, don't fix it - that's been AC/DC's motto since they first plugged in their guitars at Sydney's Chequers Nightclub on New Year's Eve 42 years ago. And if one of the parts stops working - a singer dies, rhythm guitarist gets ill or drummer finds himself on the wrong side of the law - just find a replacement and keep on keeping on.

zombies tabs - 'Herbert West: Reanimator': Resentful zombies make for horrors
By Kenenth C. Zirkel [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons Herbert West met the narrator in fictional Miskatonic Medical School. The reader knows he has gone missing at the beginning of the story.

zombies tabs - Millennial Idiocy
Philadelphia lawyer & writer, Christine Flowers, has just penned an hilarious column about the recent idiocy on university campuses in North America: The day that yoga becomes culturally offensive is the day that Mr. Rogers becomes a metrosexual icon. In other words, anyone who has a problem with Westerners teaching yoga classes to disabled students -- for free! -- is a real pain in the Ashtanga.

kanye west tabs - Which rapper is backing Kanye West for president of the USA?
In Kendrick's new track, Black Friday, which he coincidentally released on Friday evening, he raps about his support for Kanye's ambition. He says: "I'm yelling Mr. Kanye West for president/ He probly let me get some head inside the residence/ I'm in the White House goin' all out/ Bumping College Dropout, yellin' God bless Americans."