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Routes change weekly but always include mini-lectures at key statues and monuments. The 8 am runs average three to four miles, with subjects spanning the conventional to the obscure .

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Monday's broadcast of "The Freak Power Ticket" will mark the 25th anniversary since the debut of David Lynch and Mark Frost 's cult television drama, Twin Peaks - and its recent release in a Blu-ray box set dubbed " The Entire Mystery ." Producer/host Ted Coe will share eclectic sounds connected to that landmark program, part two of a planned series of broadcasts paying tribute to the surrealist writer/director David Lynch .

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Hundreds of fans stood shivering in the rain for 75 minutes to listen to two Russian women speak about how they came to be imprisoned for participating in a feminist protest.

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BlackRock and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management are by far the two largest managers of outsourced insurance company assets, a survey from the Insurance Investment Outsourcing Report states.