How to get free guitar video tutorials and demos
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How to get free guitar video tutorials and demo's

In this article i give you some clues on how to get info and demo's of a particular songs you want to play. The web is loaded with video's and a lot of them are about guitar playing.

I you know where to look it can provide a valuable resources for playing guitar. In this section we'll concentrate on online video resources that are playable from your browser. There are other methods like peer to peer sharing (bittorrents, kazaa, newsgroups), but we focus on http-based resources because its high availability.

So what is there on the web ?

Today's players with the biggest reach are: youtube, and myspace video.

Since these websites have the biggest audience, they also appear a huge collection of video's. And best of all: you can watch video's for free! Well google provides a payment service for watching video's, but we'll just ignore those vids.

Step by step

Now to get the video's you want follows these steps:

go to any of the urls mentioned above (youtube, and myspace video.)

Try a broad search like "guitar tutorial". results:
guitar tutorial on google
guitar tuturial on youtube
guitar tutorial on myspace

Click any of the video's and bookmark them for future reference. And there you have it .

Some results

Here are some nice video's that are now in my bookmarks collection.
Have fun!


Dark New Day Guitar Tutorial - Follow the Sun Down - Intro
Nice video that show's how to play this song.

Dark New Day Guitar Tutorial - Follow the Sun Down - Chorus
This video gives you the corus of Follow the Sun down, worthwile watching.

Andrew's metal guitar tutorial
andrew show's how to play metal on a small gitar:D

Why Georgia Video Tutorial (John Mayer)
A good Tutorial with a great guitar player. Come on and judge for yourself.

Wes Borland TGTV Guitar Tutorial Part 1 -
Just look at this guy play on his guitar, awsome play.

Yngwie Malmsteen
Just look and see how this fellow rocks this guitar.

Steve Lawson - Looping basics
This is a video of a looping tutorial/primer, that was recorded for Bassics Magazine in 2005. It features Steve using the Gibson Echoplex to show how looping works. Enjoy!

Linear Chromatic Concepts with Brian Vollassick 1
Learn linear chromatic method from the guitar great Brian Vollassick.

Stop This Train/Heart of Life Video Tutorial
"If I can do it, anybody can do it. The last portion of the lesson is about 'The Heart of Life,' not 'Stop This Train.' I get goofy here and there, so bear with me ;-) "

Real fucking pinch harmoncs
expect a tutorial soon btw i have dead sstrings --> this is what this guy does.

rock solos - solology
this is rock solos performance from the solology series. check it out.

blue chicken - blues architect
this is the blue chicken performance from the blues architect series

shuffle d - slide shop
this is the shuffle d performance from the slide shop series.

cakewalk - fingerstlye encores
this is the cakewalk performance from the fingerstyle encores series.

funk patterns - rhythmology
this is the funk patterns performance from rhythmology series.

Plug in baby

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