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The Lee Shore tab - crosby stills nash

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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Lee Shore
One of my favourite CSNY tunes, featuring a beautiful lead vocal by David Crosby. From the remastered 1991 'Carry On' compilation.

Crosby Nash BBC - Lee Shore (4 of 5)
These videos are from a September 11 1970 half hour television performance Graham and David did for the BBC. It was right after CSNY had finished their famous...or infamous... four way street...

The terms lee shore and windweather or ward shore are nautical terms used to describe a stretch of shoreline. A lee shore is one that is to the lee side of a vessel - meaning the wind is blowing...

Crosby Stills & Nash - The Lee Shore (CSNY Box Set)
By David Crosby Wheel gull spin and glide ... you've got no place to hide 'Cause you don't need one All along the Lee shore Shells lie scattered in the sand Winking up like shining eyes,...

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