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After The Fox tab - hollies

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Video After The Fox

after the fox - vocal
Burt Bacharach ¨After the fox¨ 1966 Sung THE HOLLIES and PETER SELLERS.

After the fox, lyrics
[May 21st 2014] Hello and thanks EVERYONE for making this the most popular After the fox lyrics video with over 8000 views! That's something I honestly would...

After The Fox
is a 1966 Italian comedy film starring Peter Sellers and directed by Vittorio De Sica. Burt Bacharach and Hal David wrote the score and the title song. The...

After the Fox intro
The intro animation to a 1966 Peter Sellers movie "After the Fox". Uploaded since nobody else has. Just don't expect any more of such things from me.

Peter Sellers & The Hollies After The Fox.
From 1966.

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