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Artist related news

pink tabs - The Psychedelic Furs: Forever Pink
It is both a blessing and a curse that English rock band the Psychedelic Furs are tethered to the 1986 Molly Ringwald film . On one hand, the enduring teenage classic bears the name of a song the band wrote and birthed an equally classic soundtrack, one of On the other, the association obscures the fact that the Furs might have been the ultimate new wave band.

pink tabs - NYFF103-1021_2014_164054_high.jpg
Musicians rallied around a fellow subway performer whose arrest in a busy station came after a confrontation over whether he needed a permit and was captured on video as straphangers jeered police. Kalleen was performing Friday at the G train stop in Brooklyn's hipster Williamsburg neighbourhood, home to trendy boutiques and cafes patronized by ultrahip residents and tourists who flock there to experience Brooklyn life.

pink tabs - Medline Announces Europe's Pink Glove Dance Video Competition Winners
The campaigning is done, votes have been cast and the grand prize winner of Medline International?s second annual European Pink Glove Dance video competition is ? Clínica Bofill in Girona, Spain.

pink tabs - Pink's celebrates 75 years with 75-cent chili hot dogs
Pink's, the legendary hot dog stand to the stars on La Brea Avenue in Hollywood is turning 75. And to celebrate, the restaurant is selling its famous chili dogs for just 75 cents.

kanye west tabs - Kim Kardashian: Ebola virus, mom jeans, sex tape, and nude pics trending
Kim Kardashian can even make the Ebola virus sound trendy. Take that, E! News . Watching the #KimKardashian live hashtag trending tweets on Twitter is far more interesting than waiting to catch the latest episodes or re-runs of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" on TV.