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david byrne tabs - Out and about: My Brightest Diamond, Attila, Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand Christmas Concert
Shara Worden boasts that she has collaborated with such varied artists and musicians as David Byrne, Matthew Barney, The Decembrists, Laurie Anderson, Bon Iver and the Blind Boys of Alabama. Weirdly, that all makes sense when you hear Worden, who performs her brand of pop-infused indie-folk under the name My Brightest Diamond.

david byrne tabs - A war veteran gave a rousing address to students at a sixth form college.
Along with David Byrne, principal of Barnet and Southgate College, Mr Weston presented awards to students for their achievements, including Kevin Daly, who won the top achieving student award from the supported learning department of the college. David Byrne said: "We take great satisfaction in supporting our students achieve their aspirations, whether this is to enter higher education, get their first job, develop vocational skills, complete an apprenticeship or help them improve their career prospects.

david byrne tabs - David Byrne on His Musical 'Here Lies Love'
Should Congress make English the official language of the U.S.?

squirrel nut zippers tabs - Look & Listen
Lantana In the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, four couples become physically and emotionally entangled during a missing persons investigation.

anberlin tabs - (*Fin.) - The End of Anberlin
Anberlin take the stage in Florida tonight for last time. That sucks. Unless you're a floridian, then you've got a great night ahead of you that you'll never forget--pending massive head trauma or a Total Recall dystopia.