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beatles tabs - 5 best bets for a Staten Island Saturday: From the fair to the ballgame
Labor Day weekend has officially begun, and with it, plenty to do around town to get the most out of these fabulous three days. You can c atch up with our full schedule of events here .

beatles tabs - Contract which launched Beatles' career set to fetch up to A 500,000
The contract that set the Beatles on their way to superstardom is to go up for sale for the first time, and could fetch as much as A 500,000. The document - the only management contract signed by the final line-up - John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr - and manager Brian Epstein will go under the hammer at Sotheby's 'Rock & Pop' sale at the end of the month.

spin doctors tabs - There's still time for a summer show
Though this weekend is Labor Day weekend -- the unofficial end of summer -- as any music lover knows, there's never an end to the live music scene. And even though most of the outdoor venues have either ended their summer lineups, or will soon do so, there are still plenty of nights you'll be able to catch a show under the stars.

spin doctors tabs - Chatter: Spin, Doctored
If there's one takeaway from the reader response to last week's Loose Lips column , it's that there are plenty of candidates WMATA could have hired instead of the pricey PR firms they contracted to clean up one of its latest messes. Let's pull together a list of qualified candidates! LL name-dropped the gadfly Twitter account @ FixMetro and FixWMATA blushed at the mention: "Flattered, I'm sure."

luna tabs - San Diego leaders rebuke Trump's immigration remarks
Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has captivated supporters in recent weeks with his unfiltered and controversial comments about unauthorized immigrants, arguing that they don't belong in the United States. During his presidential announcement speech in June, Trump said that when Mexico sends its people north, "they're not sending their best."