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temple of the dog tabs - #10: King Animal
"When I think of Soundgarden, I think of a sound, I think of one entity, one organic thing," says singer and guitarist Chris Cornell, "but I guess that the exciting part is that it's always been really varied."

temple of the dog tabs - Vaudeville Etiquette Release 'OH' Music Video
Published on Jul 24, 2014 Official Music Video for 'Oh' by Vaudeville Etiquette from their full-length 'Debutantes & Dealers' available on Sunyata Records.

temple of the dog tabs - Nirvana, Pearl Jam, STP Hits Get 8-Bit Makeover
Music and animation duo Filthy Frackers have created an animated medley of various hit grunge tracks from the 90s and released it on their YouTube channel

3 doors down tabs - 3 Doors Down cranks down the volume with unplugged Seacoast concert
Though it's turning to an acoustic format for its Granite State show this weekend, 3 Doors Down doesn't plan to abandon its hard-driving rock roots.

3 doors down tabs - 3 Doors Down cranks down the volume with unplugged Seacoast concert
To get to know its fans better, 3 Doors Down is turning down the music at its upcoming Hampton Beach tour stop.