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Artist related news

white zombie tabs - 100 years of Zombie evolution in two and a half minutesIf...
It spans right back from the "Voodoo Zombie" of 1932 right up to the bloodier more gruesome looking creatures of 2015. The clip shows the transformation of one man into each of the different monster stages by using amazing make-up and special effect skills which get more and more elaborate as the decades go on.

white zombie tabs - Watch one man transform into different zombies from the last 100 years
A video released by Top Trending follows how pop culture zombies have evolved in the last 100 years. The ad ends up being both educational and a striking display of special effects makeup magic -- the time-lapse video shows a man being transformed into various zombies while offering facts that make each incarnation distinct.

rembrandts tabs - Programs range from Lego learning to yoga poses
Legos aren't just for children anymore, but the colorful little bricks created by a Danish toymaker in the 1940s -- the name Lego was derived from the Danish term leg godt , meaning play well -- also have become foundations for learning about science, math and moving machines in the Lego Club at Worthington Hills Elementary School. Bricks4Kidz teacher Lori Frasher leads the Lego Club course for the winter session of the Worthington Schools After School program, where building with tiny bricks means learning STEM concepts.

rembrandts tabs - Thought for the Week
IN 1653 Rembrandt produced a thought provoking painting for a Sicilian art collector which has come to be known by many as "Aristotle Contemplates the Bust of Homer". It was purchased in 1961 by the Metropolitan Art Gallery in New York where it is now on display.

rolling stones tabs - Super Bowl 50 halftime show presents Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyonce trifecta
While known mainly for mellow hits, British alt-rockers Coldplay amped up the energy with their upbeat hit "Viva La Vida,." The band then performed its hits "Paradise" and "Adventure of a Lifetime" before a black-leather-clad Mars, who headlined the... It's surprising for the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl to have two music acts from recent halftime shows in 2013 and 2014, in addition to an obscure headliner as its gridiron entertainment.