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Look Sharp tab - jackson joe

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Joe Jackson - Look Sharp (Full Album)
Another great album from the late 70's. 1/ "One More Time" -- 0:00 2/ "Sunday Papers" -- 3:17 3/ "Is She Really Going Out with Him?" -- 7:39 4/ "Happy Loving Couples" -- 11:15 5/ "Throw...

Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!

Joe Jackson -- Look Sharp!
Big shot, tell you what, tell me what goes on around here Go on and get me in the corner, smoke my cigarettes and drink my beer Tell me that this world is no place for the weak Then you can...

Joe Jackson - Look Sharp - Live in Sydney, 1991 (7 of 17)
Joe Jackson and band, featuring Sue Hadjopoulos on percussion and Dan Hickey on drums.

My "Best Of...Joe Jackson" Compilation
I do not own the songs or the picture in this compilation. 01-Joe Jackson - It's different for girls 00:00 02-Joe Jackson - Get that girl 03:40 03-Joe Jackson - Friday 06:44 04-Joe Jackson...

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