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Sweet Home Chicago tab - johnson robert

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Video Sweet Home Chicago

Sweet Home Chicago
Sweet Home Chicago.

Robert Johnson "Sweet Home Chicago"
Robert Johnson ! Guitar lessons :

"Sweet Home Chicago" (Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Johnny Winter, Robert Cray, Hubert Sumlin...)
"Sweet Home Chicago" is a popular blues standard in the twelve bar form. It was first recorded and is credited to have been written by Robert Johnson. Over the years the song has become one...

Sweet Home Chicago - Robert Johnson (cover)
My recording equipment for this stuff is several years out of date, but hey, I like my blues a little rough around the edges. Hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I did making it!

Sweet Home Chicago [Remastered] ROBERT JOHNSON (1936) Delta Blues Guitar Legend
" Sweet Home Chicago " (1936, San Antonio) ROBERT JOHNSON EARLY COUNTRY BLUES Alger "Texas" Alexander Pink Anderson Barbecue Bob Hicks Scrapper Blackwell Black Ace Blind Blake ...

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