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"island In The Sun" 
All My Friends Are Insects 
American Gigolo 
Buddy Holly  3.5 
Buddy Holly 
Buddy Holly  2.5 
Buddy Holy 
Burndt Jamb 
Burndt Jamb 
Butterfly  4.5 
Cant Stop Partying 
Death And Destruction  4.5 
Don't Let Go 
Don't Let Go 
Dope Nose 
Dope Nose 
Dope Nose  3.5 
El Scorcho  4.5 
El Scorcho 
Fall Together 
Hash Pipe  3.5 
Hashpipe  4.5 
Hashpipe  3.5 
If Youre Wondering If I Want You To I Want You To 
In The Garage 
Island In The Sun 
Island In The Sun  3.5 
Island In The Sun 
Jaimie  4.5 
Jamie  4.5 
Joshua Elmer 
Keep Fishin'  3.5 
Knock-down Drag-out 
My Name Is Jonas 
My Name Is Jonas 
Mykel And Carli 
No One Else  4.5 
No one else 
Photograph  4.5 
Photograph  2.5 
Pink Triangle  2.5 
Pink Triangle 
Pinkerton Album  3.5 
Put Me Back Together 
Say It Ain't So  3.5 
Say It Ain't So 
Say It Aint So  3.5 
Surfwax America  4.5 
Suzanne  3.5 
Take Control 
The Good Life 
The Good Life 
The World Has Turned And Left Me 
Tired Of Sex 
Undone  3.5 
Undone - The Sweater Song  3.5 
Undone Sweater Song 
Waiting On You  4.5 
Weezer Album 
Weezer Album  2.5 
You Gave Your Love 
You Gave Your Love To Me 

Total weezer tabs:  68